Alton Towers opening day sells out

Wicker Man, Alton Towers

Alton Towers’ opening day has sold out, with no further tickets available for Saturday’s season opener.

The park is advising people not to travel unless they have a pre-booked ticket, which includes annual pass holders.

Tomorrow will mark the park’s first March season opening date in three years following COVID-19 restrictions aborting previous efforts.

The Staffordshire resort’s 28,000 capacity has been reduced during the pandemic due to reduced ride throughputs.

It is not clear at what level the park’s capacity is set at going into the 2022 season.

Three travelling-style rides under the name of the Retro Squad are however returning for a second year in an attempt to boost rides-per-guest numbers.

The operational status of the Smiler rollercoaster is likely to receive considerable interest as it has not operated since circa 10 October last year.

The ride has remained closed during the two previous weekends, where Alton Towers has been open for private events.