Inversion: Flamingo Land to open ride this summer

Intamin Multi Inversion Coaster

Flamingo Land has confirmed that it will open its new 10-inversion rollercoaster this summer.

Dubbed ‘Inversion’, the ride has stood in position at the North Yorkshire theme park since last year. It was originally scheduled to open in 2020.

The ride will be a Multi Inversion Coaster model from manufacturer Intamin, and effectively a slightly updated version of Colossus at Thorpe Park.

With 10 track inversions it will, along with Colossus, be behind only Alton Towers’ Smiler rollercoaster and its 14 loops.

Inversion is expected to operate with Intamin’s later train design than that of Colossus, and as such will feature lap bar restraints rather that the over-shoulder design.

The updated version of the ride also features a slightly different first drop to the first generation ride, which was first seen in 2002 with Colossus – a then world record holder for track inversions.

Flamingo Land has not yet indicated a precise opening date for Inversion.