Thorpe Park looking to ‘stay relevant’

Thorpe Park Project Exodus rollercoaster

Thorpe Park’s has said that it is looking to remain “relevant and competitive” with its proposed new rollercoaster.

In an online consultation events for the planned rollercoaster held on Monday, Thorpe Park general manager Neil Poulter cited the proposed London Resort as being a potential future competitor.

The ride’s 236-foot (72-metre) height would make it the tallest rollercoaster in the United Kingdom.

Operating company Merlin Entertainments has recently moved to oppose the process behind the London Resort, after several years of dismissing the credibility proposals.

Poulter said that Thorpe Park’s attendances had reduced in the past decade, an issue made worse when new investments were not made in the Surrey attraction.

He added that that the theme park was not looking to return to the 2-million-plus attendances seen previously.

“The objective is not to return to the high points of 2009-2011,” he said.

Poulter added that the target capacity for a rollercoaster of the proposed type would be in the region of 1,000 people per hour.


In the consultation sessions, questions around the rollercoaster’s manufacturer and theming were dismissed as being unanswerable at this stage.

It was however revealed that the ‘splashdown’ element, where plans show the rollercoaster track running close to the lake, were “an aspiration” and would feature a constructed trench if realised.

Poulter added that the removal of existing rollercoasters was not part of planning for the new ride, but that details of the removal of the retired Slammer ride would likely be released prior to the start of the 2022 season.

In response to a question regarding the unused island next to the Swarm rollercoaster, Poulter said that the Loggers Leap site was favoured due to its existing infrastructure and regeneration potential.

He added that the new ride – codenamed Project Exodus – does not yet have a proposed opening date.

It is however widely expected that the ride is intended to open for the 2024 season.

It was also confirmed that the Platform 15 scare maze would not be retuning during future Fright Nights events, which are likely to feature indoor-only mazes going forward.