Ensō: Pleasure Beach teases Icon changes

Icon, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has indicated that it will be making changes to the Icon rollercoaster in 2022.

In a Twitter post on Friday afternoon, the amusement park released a brief video clip titled Ensō, featuring the tagline “Icon with a twist”.

The year 2022 is named alongside the Ensō symbol, which originates from East Asian Buddhism where it loosely translates as “circular form”.

The Pleasure Beach has not yet released any details relating to what changes are being made to the rollercoaster.

There has already been considerable speculation that the ride’s trains will be fitted with some reverse-facing or spinning seats.

Icon opened in May 2018 and was built by German manufacturers Mack Rides. Its subtle theming features cherry blossoms and a Japanese style of presentation.