Coaster Bot launches 2021 Vote Coasters poll

Coaster Bot Vote Coasters 2021

Theme park fansite Coaster Bot has launched its annual opinion poll to gauge the world’s favourite rollercoasters.

Vote Coasters was launched last year following an earlier incarnation as the Golden Cog Awards. Last year saw Steel Vengeance at the United States’ Cedar Point take top spot.

Vote Coasters is the largest annual rollercoaster poll. Last year’s poll saw nearly 2,700 people take part, with about 115,000 rollercoasters ranked.

Coaster Bot says the system used intends to “reduces bias” and gives each rollercoaster an “equal chance to rank number one”.

Coaster Bot founder Harry told RideRater: “From our experience, everyone enjoys ranking the rollercoasters they’ve ridden and talking about it with others.

“We wanted to create a way for people to contribute to a single mass ranking which would produce results as accurate as possible – that everyone could talk about and compare their own thoughts to.”

Voting in Vote Coasters 2021 closes on 30 November and you can take part here.