Chessington submits new rollercoaster plans

Amazon rollercoaster, Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures has submitted the planning application for its proposed new rollercoaster.

As previously reported, a boomerang-style incomplete circuit rollercoaster could open at the park by March 2023.

The ride has now been confirmed as being 380 metres (1,250 feet) in length and would be accompanied by the planting of 750 trees.

In its planning application submitted to the local council on 28 July, the Chessington outlines details of a new area referred to as ‘Project Amazon’.

Documents suggest a wing-coaster type design, featuring a station with boarding bays either side of the track and 24-seat single train.

A track inversion will feature above the new jungle-themed area’s entrance, plans now confirm. The ride’s top speed will be about 45 miles per hour.

The boomerang-style layout will terminate while spiralling around a 20-metre (66-foot) animal-themed structure, before the train falls into a reverse cycle back to the ride station.

Mechanism of movement

The initial mechanism of train movement has not yet been confirmed, although the relatively short ride duration of one minute, as well as a reference to “motors that will provide the force to propel the cars”, indicate a possible launch system.

An accompanying technical note also depicts a “launch & ride control” area within the ride’s station building.

Motors are described as being located at the “base” of the ride, further suggesting a launch mechanism.

However, the ride is described as “gravity-driven” in an accompanying noise assessment report.

That report compares the Chessington rollercoaster with a 28-seater ride of a similar but larger design in Italy. It is not clear if this refers to a ride yet built.

It describes a lift mechanism on the Italian ride, which it is said would not be present on the Chessington rollercoaster.

Amazon land, Chessington World of Adventures
The jungle-themed area will see the addition of 750 trees

If opened as planned, the new ride would represent the first new rollercoaster investment at Chessington for 19 years.

Artist’s impressions suggest a track design consistent with that of the Bolliger & Mallibard manufacturer, but the ride’s constructors have not yet been confirmed.

Two children’s rides are will also be added as part of the new jungle-themed area, which would be built on undeveloped land in the Surrey theme park.

Construction is anticipated to begin in October this year, with work continuing through 2022 ahead of a planed March 2023 opening date.

‘Excite visitors’

Consultants state in the planning documents that the rollercoaster’s introduction serves to “continuously refresh and revitalise” Chessington’s offering in order to “maintain the resort’s level of attractiveness”.

The ride has previously been confirmed to have a 1.4-metre height restriction, and was described as “family thrill” in nature during public consultations held earlier this year.

In their letter of application to Kingston Council, Lichfields planning and development consultancy said that Chessington could not “stand still” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They added that the park “must respond decisively” and with an attraction that “excites visitors and generates interest within the industry”.

Park operators Merlin Entertainments referred to the proposals as a partially enabling a response to “the threat” of the proposed London Resort complex in Ebbsfleet, Kent.