Alton Towers adds temporary fairground rides

Fairground ride in motion

Alton Towers will host several fairground rides on a temporary basis this season, in an attempt to increase rides-per-guest numbers.

The rides will be situated in various locations around the Staffordshire theme park, including the Forbidden Valley and X Sector areas.

The number and type of rides has not yet been confirmed, but it has been widely reported that at least four temporary rides will be added.

Two images on social media appear to show rides positioned on the sites of the former Submission and Ripsaw flat rides, which have been removed in recent years.

Alton Towers has not yet commented on the temporary additions, which will open along with the rest of the park as soon as 12 April.

The rides are seen as a measure to encourage greater crowd dispersal while ride throughputs and queueing capacities are restricted due to COVID-19.

Indoor attractions must also remain closed until 17 May, but will likely see residual social distancing restrictions initially.

All legal restrictions and social distancing related to the coronavirus pandemic could be lifted by the UK government as soon as 21 June in England.

It is therefore not clear if the temporary rides will remain in place through to the end of Alton Towers’ operating season in November.