Lightwater Valley: Raptor Attack and others removed

Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley has removed Raptor Attack and other thrill rides, as the park continues its shift toward the family market.

The enclosed rollercoaster Raptor Attack, formerly named the Rat Ride, has been at the park since 1987.

It underwent a major refurbishment in 2010 and was re-launched as Raptor Attack, but has now been retired after being mothballed last season.

The Apollo swinging chair tower was on lease, but its departure represents the loss of another thrill ride from the North Yorkshire park’s line-up. It had not operated during 2020.

The thrill-level Eagle’s Claw and Black Pearl flat rides have also been removed from the park’s website.

The fate of the Ultimate rollercoaster is not clear. It remains on the park’s website as ‘closed’, with information relating to its mothballing during the 2020 season still in place.

Lightwater Valley has been approached for comment.

The ride and attractions page of the park’s website lists the names of six new additions without further details, although their names suggest further family additions.

As is the case across the UK theme park industry, it is not clear when the park will be permitted to re-open amidst government restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19.