Lightwater Valley confirms shift to ‘younger families’

Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley has confirmed its strategic shift to focusing on the “young family” market.

As previously reported, the Raptor Attack rollercoaster is among a number of thrill rides that have been retired from the North Yorkshire theme park.

The Apollo, Eagle’s Claw and Black Pearl thrill-class flat rides have also left the park.

Lightwater Valley also confirmed that the River Rapids attraction has also left, following its recent removal from the park’s website.

The park’s manager, Colin Bowes, said: “We believe this new approach is best suited for the majority of our audience and will offer something new and exciting for young families across the region.”

The Ultimate rollercoaster was not mentioned in the update posted by the park on Monday afternoon.

However, the park later responded to guest queries confirming that the former world’s longest rollercoaster will remain mothballed during the 2021 season.

Lightwater Valley said that a new themed area called Safari Zone will open this year.