Merlin Annual Passes removed from sale

Merlin Annual Passes

Merlin Entertainments has removed its annual passes from sale, as it looks set to announce new alternatives.

The company has this week been undertaking market research on a number of alternative annual passes.

Customers were screened for their preferences over passes that would include entry to a single theme park, post-2pm-only admission and a number of other combinations.

In a statement today the company said it had taken the decision to temporarily remove its annual passes from sale.

“Following your helpful feedback from our recent customer survey, we are currently revising and updating our Merlin Annual Pass product line-up to ensure all our pass-holders have the best possible experience and great value at our attractions,” Merlin said.

It is not clear in what precise form the company’s new annual passes will be offered, but afternoon-only passes have been confirmed as coming.

Merlin also said that it was aware that pass-holder pre-booked weekend admission has been largely unavailable at its UK theme parks for the rest of the season.

“We are aware that some pass-holders have not been able to book their preferred slots for our attractions.

“[We] have taken a number of steps to address this, including adding availability for pass-holders and creating afternoon passes.

“Please be considerate of the pass-holders community and only book slots for times when you definitely intend to visit,” the company added.