Fire destroys Blackpool Central Pier ride

Blackpool Central Pier fire

A fire has destroyed a waltzer ride on Blackpool’s Central Pier in the early hours of Friday morning.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue, which released the above image, extinguished the fire using ten vehicles and 50 firefighters.

The service’s incident commander Mark Winder said: “Fortunately we had some of the conditions in our favour so we did not have a particularly strong wind and the tide was out, so we were able to tackle the fire below from the beach as well.”

Mark Marshall of Blackpool Pier Company told the BBC that his team were “devastated” by the news.

“At the moment we have definitely lost one ride, and damage to a second ride,” he said.

“An engineering shed has gone, I believe that is where the seat of the fire ignited at that point.

“We have got a structural engineer en route who will be lifted from the beach up underneath the steelwork to assess the damage. We are hoping with every fibre of our body that the steel will be in good order and intact.

“If that’s the case we will be able to set about removing items from the seat of the fire and then look at the next stages, linking in with the council and the fire brigade. Top priority being at all times public safety.”

No injuries have been reported.