Final remnants of Pleasure Island on sale this weekend

Tinkerboo Factory ride plans, Pleasure Island Cleethorpes

A second auction is being held at the former Pleasure Island theme park this weekend, as owners look to sell off the final remnants of the park.

Dozens of ride plans and artists’ impressions will go under the hammer as part of the 460-lot sale, which is being held at the former Cleethorpes attraction this Sunday.

A lot-viewing day was held last weekend, with a final viewing opportunity taking place between 08:00 and 09:30 on Sunday before the sale begins at 10:30.

The carousel, which was infamously not sold at the auction held in March, has been withdrawn after a private seller came forward.


The former Shrieksville ghost train will again be offered, after failing to sell in spring’s auction.

Originally planned to be sold off in this sale piece-by-piece – in a similar manner to how the Tinkerboo ride was previously – owners have now decided that it will be offered as a complete ride with a reduced reserve.

Several props from the Tinkerboo ride left over from the first auction are also entered into Sunday’s sale.

The sale is again being held by Prestige Auctions of Grimsby, with the online bidding platform Bid On This also once more being utilised for web-based bidders.