Review: Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2016

Nemesis Inferno during Thorpe Park Fright Nights
3.5 star review

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016, Thorpe Park’s horror-themed Fright Nights event continues to remain a huge draw.

It is no quiet place at this time of year, with some evenings hitting the park’s 18,000 guest capacity.

It’s possible to wait in near two-hour queues for scare mazes, but some of them are worth it.

The Blair Witch Project is located in the great setting of woodland, but is perhaps a little too close to the lights and sounds of the theme park.

It is the theme park itself that is the most enjoyable experience at night – rides in the dark is a sensational experience, although of course this is true at any theme park.

The biggest disappointment was that the new Platform 15 experience was too busy for us to get on in time, while the Saw Alive maze simply did not appeal in its sixth year of operation.


The Cabin in the Woods maze – which is deserving of the maze title – can be disorientating as you select which doors you would like to go through and it is possible to become confused.

This is also true of the demented clown-themed Big Top, but the mismanagement of the queue led to huge waits for some guests, partially due to the disabled queue line being accessible to anyone wishing to use it.

Unlike Alton Towers, most of the scare attractions are included in park entry, with the exception of the £10 fee for the Containment – something else we were unable to try.

It’s still easy to feel satisfied experiencing super rollercoasters such as Saw – The Ride and Colossus in the dark.

While Frights Nights are great events, their popularity means that even the park’s extended 12-hour opening period may not be enough to facilitate the queueing necessary to experience everything you would like.