Editorial: Sun newspaper smearing Paultons Park

The Sun newspaper

The Sun newspaper is attempting to smear Paultons Park with its latest ‘investigation’ alleging cocaine use at the theme park.

In a typically sensationalist manner, it ridiculously attributed the detection of traces of cocaine to “parents getting their kicks”.

The newspaper said that the the Peppa Pig World area of the park was “covered” in cocaine.

It said it had contacted Paultons Park and was awaiting their reply, but obviously did not feel that it should wait until it published its latest story.

Cocaine use is a serious issue in the UK, as it is many countries. Its presence can be detected in toilets virtually anywhere.

It certainly seems likely that UK parks operated by Merlin Entertainments – all considerably more visited than Paultons – would also test positive for traces of cocaine.

But given the Sun’s commercial partnership with Merlin, it is likely that its smear campaigns will continue away from those parks, as it did at the Harry Potter Studio Tour last month.