UK theme park reprimanded over hygiene issues

Ride Rater News

A British theme park was reprimanded earlier this year for issues relating to public health risks, it has emerged.

In April, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued improvement notices relating to the park’s log flume ride and animal contact areas in another attraction.

One notice read: “The water quality of the log flume ride is not being monitored for micro-organisms which may cause ill-health.”

In relation to a lack of hand washing facilities at separate areas housing animals, the HSE said that the park had failed to reduce risks posed to guests by a number of potential diseases.

Those listed were E.coli 0157, Cryptosporidium parvum, Chlamydophillia abortus and Salmonella species.

Both notices were complied with within a month of being issued.

Improvement notices are issued by the HSE when a hazard is identified that could give rise to a future incident, but they do not prevent operation on the items in question, as is the case with prohibition notices.

The park is question is not named in line with Ride Rater’s policy of not naming recipients of HSE improvement notices if the issue in question had not been previously covered by us.