New book covers theme park design

Theme Park Design

A new book is being released next week which covers theme park design and “the art of themed entertainment”.

Written by Lincoln-based art and design student David Younger, the publication has been endorsed by veteran ride concept designer John Wardley.

Virtually every element of amusement park theming is covered, from physical landscaping, atmospheric generation, modelling, painting, virtual reality and story.

Mr Younger told Ride Rater that while the book as an international scope, the interest to the UK-based theme park enthusiast could be strong.

He said: “Although the United States may have invented the theme park, being British I am fully aware of the richness of the British theme park industry.

He added that he wanted to include the “richness” of the UK industry within the book, and includes technologically innovative rollercoasters, living museums and haunted houses.

“John Wardley’s Haunted House elevated the ghost train to a level never before seen,” Mr Younger said.

“Along with accomplished British designers Candy Holland and Ben Dowson, John Wardley was one of the key designers I interviewed in writing my book, and his knowledge of theme parks, dark rides, and of course rollercoasters, I hope, is identifiable in its pages!”

Wardley – now retired from design work – said of the book would become “the definitive work to guide theme park designers”.

Theme Park Design & the Art of Themed Entertainment is available from 28 March.