Editorial: Towers Loving Care is tidying the tat

Nemesis repainted

Towers Loving Care is the name given to the process of repainting and refurbishment that is currently going on at Alton Towers.

News of the programme has pleased fans of the park, for the simple reason that it is widely held that the park’s appearance has diminished in recent years.

Namely, the decline has been most dramatic since the end of the Tussauds era and operations being taken over by Merlin Entertainments.

It is somewhat sad that something so basic as maintaining the appearance of a park has come to warranting its own name as some sort of special project.

However, given the considerable decline of the park in recent years, it could be argued that efforts to tidy the tat are indeed a notable event – or perhaps a sudden realisation of what the park was becoming.

It remains to be seen how comprehensive Towers Loving Care will be, or how long it will last, but the efforts are most welcome, even if long overdue.