The extended family of Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Nigel Buchanan enjoyed working as a ride operator at Blackpool Pleasure Beach so much, he has just returned to the park for a second season.

Last year he worked on the dodgems, Steeplechase, Avalanche and Big One rollercoasters to name just a few.

The park is well known for opening full scale in early February each year, when temperatures might put a number of people off, but not Nigel.

He says: “What I like most about working at Pleasure Beach is the different people we get to meet from such a varied background and religions as well as the other staff.

“It is like working for an extended family.”

Hard work

Given that the Lancashire amusement park has one of the shortest closed seasons in the UK, a huge amount of effort is needed to turn around the rides after the winter maintenance.

Nigel says: “We do work very hard to get the park ready in time for opening prior to season starting and continuing that throughout the season, we do like to look our best at work.”

Rides are quickly turned around in December and January each year

Rides are quickly turned around in December and January each year

He says that his best memory of working at the Pleasure Beach was his first day last season, not knowing anyone or how things worked but being made to feel welcome and his new colleagues looking after him.

Nigel has not met managing director and current family owner Amanda Thompson, but he speaks highly of the Thompson family owners, who are this year celebrating 120 years of the Pleasure Beach.

He says: “They are a great family to work for and they welcome us all into there family every season and that’s what makes working at the pleasure beach so special.

“There are several places you can work in Blackpool but I can’t think of anywhere better I would like to work than the Pleasure Beach.

“I would like to keep going back as long as they want me too.”