Quiz of 2015 – were you paying attention?

The Smiler

2015 was one of the most eventful and memorable – sadly for many wrong reasons – years in the history of UK theme parks.

Test your attention span and memory by attempting to answer the questions below.

Answers are given at the bottom of the page. Be sure to share your scores with us using the comment form at the bottom of the page, or on social media.

Q1 – On which date did the Smiler accident happen at Alton Towers?
A: 1 June
B: 2 June
C: 3 June
D: 4 June

Q2 – What was named ‘Best Water Ride’ by US publication Amusement Today?
A: Drenched, Oakwood
B: Congo River Rapids, Alton Towers
C: Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
D: Tidal Wave, Thorpe Park

Q3 – Which park has been in administration all year?
A: Fantasy Island
B: Pleasure Island
C: Barry Island
D: Adventure Island

Q4 – Which of these was announced as forming the theme of rollercoasters and a new area at Paultons Park in 2016?
A: Outer Space
B: Angry Birds
C: Star Wars
D: Dinosaurs

Q5 – Dreamland Margate reopened its doors in the summer, but for how long had its doors been closed?
A: 5 years
B: 10 years
C: 20 years
D: 40 years

Q6 – Who’s TV interview with Merlin Entertainments chief executive Nick Varney prompted an online petition calling for their sacking?
A: Jeremy Paxman
B: Piers Morgan
C: Kay Burley
D: Anne Robinson

Q7 – Which park indicated that it would be interested in acquiring Camelot’s abandoned Knightmare rollercoaster?
A: Southport Pleasureland
B: Dreamland Margate
C: Lightwater Valley
D: Oakwood

Q8 – Which dedicated queue was withdrawn from Alton Towers’ Nemesis rollercoaster?
A: Front row
B: Single rider
C: Fastrack
D: Disabled

Q9 – Which park’s admission price rose to £59.99 on ‘peak’ days?
A: Thorpe Park
B: Legoland Windsor
C: Alton Towers
D: Chessington World of Adventures

Q10 – Drayton Manor revealed in a 10-year planning document that it intended to increased its combined total ride capacity to how many riders per hour?
A: 10,500
B: 12,000
C: 13,500
D: 15,000

How many did you manage to answer correctly?

0-3: Prohibition notice
4-7: Take more notice
8-10: Take notice of the outside world once in a while


1 – B
2 – C
3 – A
4 – D
5 – B
6 – C
7 – A
8 – B
9 – A
10 – D