“The danger of too many IPs at a theme park”

If the rumours of Derren Brown being the basis of Thorpe Park’s new addition next year are true, then is this indicative of a continuing trend from Merlin Entertainments?

The I’m A Celebrity maze was a relative flop – or rather a very short-term success – and closed well before the end of the main season.

Following the collapse of Saw Alive a few years ago, these intellectual property (IP)-based attractions seem to be short term fixes for Merlin.

Maybe the 2016 addition will be different given how much money they are spending on it, but we have seen Nemesis Sub-Terra at Alton Towers hacked away at after being heavily actor based.

While we don’t know what is coming to Thorpe Park next year, we can only hope that unlike other recent additions, it will make you want to come back to the park…

…and actually being there when you plan on going again would be a start.

Michael Bradford