Revamp reported for Alton Towers Scarefest

Alton Towers ruinsAlton Towers is to undertake a major revamp of its Halloween Scarefest event this year, it has been reported.

A press release allegedly obtained by the ScareTour website – but now withdrawn – states that four new attractions will feature during the 16-day event.

Two scare mazes, the ‘Haunting of Molly Crowe’ and ‘SUB-Species: The End Games’ are to be added to the lineup, replacing the Sanctuary attraction seen in recent years.

The long-running Terror of the Towers scare maze, located within the Alton Towers building ruins, is to return with a new layout.

Two new scare zones have also been added to the event, under the names of ‘Dark Apocalypse’ and ‘Nox:Infernus’, the press release stated.

Those attractions would be based in the Forbidden Valley and Dark Forest areas of the park respectively.


It is not known why the alleged press release was withdrawn by Alton Towers, and the park has revealed no information about the event to the public so far.

The park had indicated that it would begin releasing initial information about this year’s Scarefest event on Saturday, but did not do so.

The event runs between 17 October and 1 November, and is this year seen as a particularly significant period of trading for Alton Towers following the Smiler rollercoaster accident in June.

Meanwhile, the park has said that the ‘Freedom Pass’ – previously allowing unlimited scare maze entry for an additional cost, would not be available for Scarefest in 2015.