Dreamland Margate reopens after 10 years

Dreamland Margate helter skelterDreamland Margate has reopened under the banner of a “re-imagined” historical theme park after 10 years.

Dating from the 1920s, when the park’s Scenic Railway ride was opened, the park closed in 2005.

The wooden rollercoaster is being restored as part of the project to revive Dreamland, and it was not ready for operation at today’s opening.

The park markets itself as offering an “old fashioned, yet oh-so-fashionable” and features a number of vintage rides and attractions.

Daily Telegraph reporter Olivia Parker, who visited today’s opening event, said that the park’s opening was a “close-run thing”.

She said: “Three hours before the grand opening Dreamland looked remarkably like a building site, the predominant sound being the painful beep of JCB vehicles reversing.

“Workers in hard hats were shovelling piles of sand into wheelbarrows [and] a lorry was still laying gravel.”

A steel Crazy Mouse spinning rollercoaster was also rapidly erected this week and was in operation.

The history of the site being host to amusement rides dates back as far as 1880.