Alton Towers crash 999 call delay ‘unforgivable’

The SmilerOne of those injured on Alton Towers’ Smiler ride has described the delay in contacting the emergency services as “unforgivable”.

Two of the rollercoaster’s trains collided on 2 June, seriously injuring five of those on board.

18-year-old Joe Pugh told the Mail on Sunday newspaper that other guests in the park were filming the accident aftermath, rather than raising the alarm.

He said: “There was one girl who was filming me and I just shouted at her.

“I swore at her and told her to go and get some help instead of videoing, and she just looked a bit surprised and walked off.

“I just cannot understand why people would want to do a thing like that. It’s so callous.

“Later I learned that no one called the emergency services from within the park for several minutes and that’s just unforgivable.”

Smiler train

The front safety railing of the Smiler’s train was impacted into the legs of those on the front row

‘Rammed against knees’

Mr Pugh described how the front railing of the Smiler’s train impacted against his knees, which also led to his girlfriend Leah Washington – also riding on the front row – having a leg amputated last week.

I remember a sickening bang with metal grinding against metal and the safety bar being rammed against my knees,” he said.

“[Leah] was screaming and her jeans were covered in blood like mine. We didn’t dare look at our own legs, so we took it in turns to inspect each other’s injuries.”

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has impounded the two rides involved in the accident for examination.

Alton Towers was also in receipt of a prohibition notice from the HSE, preventing the Smiler’s use until it can be demonstrated that it can be operated safely.