16 injured in T in the Park ride accident

Star Flyer16 people were treated for minor injuries when a Star Flyer chair swing ride operating at the T in the Park festival “stopped suddenly”.

The Daily Record newspaper said that the ride “stopped suddenly” in the early hours of yesterday, causing riders to be injured.

The incident occurred at the disused Balado airfield in Scotland, where the T in the Park is held each year.

A festival spokesperson said: “The Star Flyer ride in the campsite has been shut while we investigate the circumstances of the incident.

“There were 15 people treated onsite for minor injuries and one person was transferred to hospital then released.”

The 200-foot ride – similar to the one photographed – has remained closed since the accident.

Scottish broadcaster STV reported that operators activated the emergency stop function when it was believed “a passenger had become ill” but the ride “descended too quickly”.