Woman succeeds in dodgem driving record bid

A woman from Southend has successfully broken the world record for continuous driving of a dodgem car.

As previously reported, 28-year-old Laura Byng was attempting to break the 24-hour record at Adventure Island in aid of a local hospice.

She drove continuously for 25 hours between 9am on Wednesday and 10am this morning.

Speaking to the Southend Echo newspaper, she said: “The worst time was overnight when there was just a few of us in the park – but I just drank loads of Red Bull and listened to talking books on my iPod to keep my going through the small hours.

“It was absolutely worth it. This world record has raised much needed funds and created awareness of the wonderful work Havens Hospices does, and what we are trying to achieve for them. The support that they give to local families in need is invaluable.”