Blackpool Tower Dungeon progressing

Work at the Blackpool Tower Dungeon is progressing as the countdown to opening enters double digits.

There are now just under 100 days remaining until the new attraction’s scheduled opening on 1 September.

Auditioning is being planned to find 20 live actors that will feature inside.

Creative director Ailsa Easton has been attempting to research historical records and accounts of gruesome local history – which will be incorporated into the various scenes within the Dungeon. 

“Because Blackpool and many other surrounding towns have grown up in relatively recent times, records from centuries past – where they exist at all – are very thin on the ground,” she said.

“Happily we have enough general knowledge about the episodes we are focusing on to be able to develop compelling, nerve-shredding story lines with a measure of theatrical license.”

The Dungeon will open along with the Blackpool Tower Eye in the seceond stage of Merlin Entertainments revamp of the iconic structure.