Merlin Membership ‘unavailable until Spring’

Merlin EntertainmentsMerlin Entertainments has temporarily withdrawn its monthly-installment annual pass – Merlin Membership – for unspecified reasons.

A statement on the product’s website states: “Unfortunately Merlin Membership is currently unavailable.

“We are currently developing the product and hope to launch in Spring,” it adds.

No reasons have been given for the withdrawal of the product, but a customer’s post on its Facebook page states that February’s monthly payment had not been collected.

It has not been confirmed whether current membership cards remain valid, but it is expected to be the case.

The pay-monthly equivalent to the company’s annual passes was launched in the summer of last year.

Merlin has recently come under considerable criticism for its changing of unlimited soft drinks for its annual pass holders.

It replaced a £16 capsule which could be refilled an unlimited number of times without charge, with a smaller size £1.99 capsule which incurs 75p per refill.