Why Blackpool is the UK’s best value theme park

Although we recently advertised the fact that Blackpool Pleasure Beach can be the most expensive theme park to leave a car at, we’ve decided that it is actually Britain’s best-value day out.

An unlimited ride wristband (during the peak season) is £32 on the gate, or £27 if booked online.

This is lower than the Merlin-owned parks such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, but is slightly higher than most of the other independent theme parks in the UK.

The most significant thing that makes Blackpool the bets value is their number of rides – some 42 in total – which include more rollercoasters than anywhere else in the country.

This ride catalogue has this year been further-boosted by the child-orientated Nickelodeon Land, adding further to the impressive ride count.

Food ban baloney

Despite recent reports suggesting that the policy of disallowing people to bring in their own food was a new one, it has been established at the park for a number of years.

Anyone that has visited the park will know how crowded it can get during busy periods. There are over 40 rides crammed into what is quite a small area and having people sitting around eating picnics is simply not viable.

It is also easy to pass out of the park, use provided picnic areas, and re-enter.

This option is also boosted by the fact that during the peak summer months, the park remains open until 8pm, which is at least two hours later than most major theme parks.

During the cooler off peak season, February, March and November, there are the promotional WOW weekends, where all rides are open and wristbands are available at a discount price of £22 online.

In year which has seen considerable price hikes and only a limited number of new attractions, Blackpool is most certainly the best value day out in Britain today.