The best and worst of the TripAdvisor review

TripAdvisorThe end of the summer holiday period inches closer, and theme parks prepare to end their busiest time of year.

This hive of activity is echoed by the surge in reviews on the travel website TripAdvisor, recently blamed for the damaging of many businesses’ custom.

We take a look at a selection of the most striking comments made on the website for three of the UK’s theme parks in August – with each bullet point coming from a different reviewer.

Flamingo Land

  • “Hero was great, queue went down fast as there were five cages being used, with four people in each cage.”
  • “Expensive day out with no animals, closed rides, no chips, no ice cream and a flasher on the log flume.”
  • “Health and safety seems a biggy now as heights and seat belts were always meticulously checked.”
  • “What lets this park down are the staff working here they all need a rocket up there arse, not one of them had any sense of urgency.”
  • “We camped with no electric and had a fantastic time.”
  • “I said ‘basically you let everyone in, take their money, then don’t care about the customer’. They shrugged their shoulders again, and a chubby, little, bald, old, shirt-and-tie-wearing fella said ‘seems that way doesn’t it’.”

Lightwater Valley

  • “Free parking is a bonus (take note Alton Towers).”
  • “I came off the ultimate and my friend pointed out I had chewing gum stuck on my new, not so cheap coat.”
  • “The park is kept clean by an army of litter pickers doing a sterling job.”
  • “My belt actually broke mid-ride and I was airborne for a few seconds.”
  • “I thought Lightwater Valley would be a bit of a let down, couldn’t have been more wrong.”
  • “I’ve visited several theme parks in the UK and have never witnessed such an over the top and restrictive use different rules for rides based on height.”

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  • “Valhalla was the highlight – you really do get soaked, but I thought it was cheeky to sell rain capes.”
  • “My daughter fell at the wee water fountain thing her leg was bleeding, a man who was charging for pictures asked us did we want a photo not did we want a plaster.”
  • “It just has to be done, some rides about 90 years old, others just a few days old, and they change often, so a return visit can be like a new visit.”
  • “We only stayed two hours and headed to the Lake District instead.”
  • “Go on the big water ride at the end as you WILL get soaked through.”
  • “The rides look like they are about to fall down.”