Oakwood workers ‘dropped ride bolts as joke’

Oakwood logoWorkers at Oakwood theme park in Wales have previously ‘dropped bolts’ in the vicinity of rides to scare the public, it has been claimed.

The Airgates Attraction News website tonight published the claims, which were made by an unidentified former employee of the park.

“We dropped bolts to scare nervous guests, then laughed about it after work in the staff room,” said the source.

“These stories are always the highlight after a days work – swapping stories about how guests were a bit weary-looking when a bolt was in your hand and they were told to hold on extra tight just in case.

“Not all staff did it, but loads of us did. It happened daily, sometimes guests even joined in.”

‘Safety is paramount’

The Pembrokeshire park was quoted by Airgates as responding to the claims by saying the health and safety of its visitors was paramount

A statement read: “We take any allegations of misconduct among staff extremely seriously and are carrying out an internal investigation to establish if there is any evidence whatsoever of this kind of reprehensible and irresponsible behaviour taking place here in the past.

“We are taking all necessary steps to discover if there is any historical evidence to support the claim and to ensure this type of totally unprofessional and malicious conduct never occurs at Oakwood.”

Airgates reported similar incidents of staff attempting to trick guests over the safety of rides, citing Thorpe Park among them via an eyewitness account.

Stating it would conduct an investigation, the Surrey park said: “The health and safety of our guests is our number one objective and joking about the safety of a ride is not something we condone at the park.”