In quotes: How the media reported on The Smiler

The SmilerIt is always interesting how varied in style television and newspaper reports regarding a theme park ride incident can be.

We take a glance at how the papers and news organisations put a bolt falling from The Smiler at Alton Towers, into their own words.

“Thrill ride terror as 2-inch bolt flies of tracks.”
The Sun

“Flying part just misses ride¬†queue. A gap appeared in the track and the ride was closed down.”
Express & Star

“A piece fell off the structure.”
BBC News Online

“Visitors claim they heard a ‘massive clanging sound’ and then saw a metal bar on the ground nearby.”
Sky News

“A piece of metal track flew off and narrowly missed passengers queuing for a ride.”
The Times

“A metal bolt flew off it just metres from where visitors were queuing.”
The Guardian

“Visitors claim a foot-long metal bar broke away from the rollercoaster’s track.”
Birmingham Mail

“Visitors raised the alarm when they saw a piece of metal fall to the ground, leaving a gap in the track.”