Vote for the next sponsored ride using AV and FPTP

In a topical bit of fun, we’re asking you to vote for which Alton Towers ride you would prefer to see next receive theme-destroying, irrelevant sponsorship.

Obviously I’m sure most of you would prefer none of the options, but imagine one ride WILL be sponsored and rebranded regardless, and this is your opportunity to influence the decision.

Following the recent debate over voting methods in the UK, we’re offering you the chance to vote using both First Past the Post (FPTP)¬†and the Alternative Vote (AV)¬†system.

Under FPTP, the ride with the most votes will receive the sponsorship. The AV winner will be the ride that achieves more than 50% of the votes, taking into account people’s first, second and so on preferences.

As previously stated, this is purely for fun and voting will close at 12 noon on 20 May, with the results announced shortly afterwards.

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