Smiler confirmed to have 14 inversions

The Smiler logoThe Smiler has been confirmed by Alton Towers to be the world’s first 14-inversion rollercoaster, following months of speculation.

The Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter ride will take the current inversion record from the 10-looping Collossus at Thorpe Park when it opens later this month.

Packets of the Kellogg’s breakfast cereal Krave carry promotional material stating that The Smiler is “the world’s first 14 looping rollercoaster.”

The release of the information ahead of the ride’s opening is understood to have been unintended, with delays with the ride’s completion likely to be the cause of the error.

Rumours of the 14 inversions developed last year. As construction of the ride progressed, it became clear that the track would go upside down at least that number of times.

It is not clear if another unique feature will be included on the ride – it has already been described as the world’s most “densely packed” rollercoaster in terms of track per area by its layout designer John Wardley.

An opening date for the ride has still not been confirmed, although a press evening is scheduled for 17 May and Alton Towers are now known to be working towards having the ride open to the public the following day.