Alton Towers confirms SW7 ride name The Smiler

The Smiler promotional artworkAlton Towers has confirmed the name of its new rollercoaster as The Smiler, following months of speculation.

A trademark application for the name was made last year, prompting rumours of that being the ride’s title.

It was previously known as SW7, or Secret Weapon Seven.

The ride’s logo of a smiling face with spiralling eyes has made untitled appearances in numerous forms around London and other cities across the UK during the past week.

“We’ve managed to baffle the nation and hopefully made a few people smile,” said Alton Towers’ Katherine Duckworth in acknowledgement of the campaign.

The Metro newspaper this morning reported the rides name following the appearances of The Smiler title appearing on posters in the Shepherd’s Bush area of London at the weekend.

Alton Towers has today updated its website to confirm the name with a new concept image showing the mysterious central theming object resembling, believed to be called the Inoculator.

The graphic also depicts the 16-seater ride trains with over-the-shoulder restraints, which suggests that lap bars will not be fitted to the ride, as have been seen on some latter-day Gerstlauer rollercoasters.

Delays with the construction are understood to be seriously threatening the ride’s likelihood of being available when the park’s main season begins on 16 March.