Sanctuary maze returns to Alton Towers in March

The Sanctuary entranceThe Sanctuary scare maze is to return to Alton Towers at the start of the season, according to the TowersStreet fansite.

The walk-through attraction made its debut at last year’s Halloween Scarefest event at the theme park.

Its back story, which involves an institution conducting bizarre psychological experiments, is linked to the park’s new rollercoaster, currently known as SW7.

The maze incurred an additional charge for entry during Scarefest, and it is not currently known if it will do so when it returns this year.

TowersStreet also reports that the X Sector area of the theme park will receive cosmetic improvements ahead of the park’s main season, which starts on 16 March.

The Oblivion rollercoaster is reportedly in-line to receive a re-application of its black paintwork, which had faded considerably since the ride opened in 1998.

The Enterprise flat ride is known to be undergoing a re-paint as part of wider cosmetic touches being applied to the X Sector ahead of the theme park’s full re-opening.

The area will be off-limits during the limited opening during February half-term this year.

Earlier this week, Alton Towers said that it was still working towards having its new rollercoaster ready for the start of the season, after speculation began to mount over possible delays.