SW7 ‘will be open’ for Alton Towers season start

Alton Towers SW7 logoAlton Towers is maintaining that its new rollercoaster will be open for the start of the park’s main season on 16 March.

Confusion arose earlier today when a countdown to the ride’s opening was removed from its promotional page on the theme park’s website.

However, telephone staff taking advanced bookings for the theme park are advising guests that the ride “will be open” on the first day of the season, which has been set at 16 March this year.

Rumours of construction delays have dogged the project since late last year, but it is understood that contractors are still confident of achieving the ride’s handover in time.

A request to extend permitted construction working hours was granted by the local authorities after wet weather delayed the building of the ride’s foundations last year.

The later than usual commencement of a marketing programme has also fuelled suspicion of delays with the rollercoaster, which will be a new variant of the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter.