Camelot site set for ‘mixed-use’ redevelopment

Camelot operators Knights Leisure have said that the site’s owners have plans for a “mixed-use development” of the area including housing.

Chief executive Roy Page said that Story Construction, who own the site, have ideas for redevelopment which include uses for “business, commercial, residential and hopefully some form of entertainment”.

All assets and machinery belonging to Knights Leisure will now be sold off, although a number of rides are leased by the park and will be relocated by their owners.

It signals the likely end of the site’s 29-year existence as a theme park, although the local Member of Parliament has said that she hoped a new theme park operator could be found.

Carlisle-based builders Story Construction took over ownership of the site in 2009, when previous owners Prime Leisure folded.

No planning application has yet been submitted to the local authorities, but Fred Story, the current owners’ chief executive said: “We will continue to attempt to work with the council to find a sustainable and viable future for this important site.”