Thorpe Park introduces paid maze for Fright Nights

Thorpe Park is to charge for entry to one of its Fright Nights scare mazes for the first time this October.

‘The Passing’ will be a new addition for the 2012 Halloween season, and is described as a “a Fastrack only attraction” and is priced at £3 for “limited time only early bird” tickets.

it is the first time that a Fright Night scare maze has included no free-to-enter option after the park’s admission fee has been paid.

The Passing’s accompanying marketing lingo states: “As one of the dead you will be bagged and tagged, ready to face up to your own burial. Experience suffocating terror as you lay trapped in your own body, surrounded by the stench of fear with only your guilt for company.

The attraction’s tagline is “it begins with death” and it is widely expected to continue the recently-increasing extreme nature of Fright Nights, with the Experiment 10 maze receiving rave reviews from scare enthusiasts in 2011.

Thorpe Park is ending each Fright Night at 9pm this year, which is an hour earlier than previous years.

The event runs on 12-14, 19-21 October and then continuously from 26 October to the park’s last day of the season, 4 November.