Drayton Manor traffic triggers complaints

Lengthy queues of traffic trying to enter Drayton Manor in the mornings have triggered complaints from local figures.

A vicar has said that traffic congestion prevents people attending his services from all directions, with some having to turn around and go home.

Reverend Hugh Baker told the Tamworth Herald newspaper: “It’s a long time since we’ve had traffic blockages like this, and even heavy traffic has been quickly and efficiently dealt with in recent years.

“I appeal to the management at Drayton Manor to ensure this doesn’t happen again in future summers,” he added.

Tamworth Police has said they were aware of the large number of cars present in the area during mornings.

Councillor Andrew James has requested a meeting between the theme park and the local councils.

He said: “I am aware of the traffic problems – we have had residents complaining about it.

“We want to support Drayton Manor – they are a big employer and bring a lot of money in to the area, but we really can’t have this sort of traffic congestion, we need to keep the traffic moving.

“We need to discuss this and find a solution which suits everyone,” he added.

Drayton Manor introduced a car parking fee for the first time this year, but it has reportedly not reduced the number of people visiting the park by car.