Bringing Alton Towers’ 2012 ride plans to life

Plans for Alton Towers’ 2012 ride have now been online for several months, with many enthusiasts theorising over the the logistics and appearance of the ride’s components.

The technical drawings and documents released as part of the plans have now been strikingly brought to life in a series of 3D images.

They are the work of Steve Boswell, who has been busy working of the 3D models since the plans were released on 1 September this year.

Using the technical drawings from the plans, he has been able to accurately create an impression of the architecture, within Alton Towers’ Forbidden Valley area, to within half a metre.

The ride will open on 24 March 2012.

We would like to thank Steve for providing these images and we would ask that they not be reproduced without his permission.