Valhalla: Dark water ride officially reopens

Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach officially reopened the Valhalla dark water ride on Wednesday in the presence of invited media.

Closed in 2019 for refurbishment works, the 2000-built Intamin ride reopened for “technical rehearsals” last month.

The ride has been progressively updated in recent weeks, with today’s grand opening seeing a multitude of fire effects in operation.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach chief executive Amanda Thompson said: “I’d like to thank all of the team that have worked on this reimagining.

“It’s been an extremely long, hard process. I can honestly say that no one imagined ever that it would take this long to get this ride reopened.

“To all of you that have been moaning: it’s here. To all of you that have been supporting me: thank you very much for your support always.”

Many of Valhalla’s original effects have been restored or rebuilt, but there are also considerable new and replacement scenes.

The 2019 closure was described as being driven by sustainability. The former backwards drop and other unreliable elements have been removed.