Thorpe Park: Ghost Train to open on 26 May

Ghost Train, Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park has confirmed that the Ghost Train dark ride is to open on 26 May, after being reconfigured from Derren Brown’s Ghost Train.

Confirmed to have had its virtual reality components removed, the reworked attraction will now feature live actors as a main component.

The original ride system has been retained, while Thorpe Park has suggested that Dungeon-style jump scare effects are also likely to feature.

The Surrey theme park has also said that Ghost Train will feature “an entirely new storyline and special effects”.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train opened in 2016 at a cost of £13 million. It was re-themed with a ‘Rise of the Demon’ sub-title the following year.

The enclosed dark ride attracted considerable criticism in recent years for its reliability, restricted capacity, and late openings.

Today, Thorpe Park confirmed that the ride would open at 12 noon on its opening day, some two hours after the rest of the park opens.

The park also confirmed that timed entry slots would not form part of the ride’s queuing system. Ghost Train will initially be excluded from all forms of Fastrack, Thorpe Park said.

Its 1.4-metre height restriction for guests has been reduced to 1.3 metres for the reopening.

NOTE: Thorpe Park announced the reduction in height restriction on 16 May 2023. At time of article publication the ride remained listed as 1.4 metres, and was reported as such at that time.