Valhalla media day moved to enable improvements

Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s recently-reopened Valhalla has had its media day pushed back to enable the park to achieve the “best representation” of the ride.

Originally scheduled to take place on Wednesday this week, a media day has now been re-scheduled to 10 May.

The park told invitees: “To enable you to experience the best representation of Valhalla, a decision has been made to re-arrange the media day.”

The dark water ride reopened for so-called technical rehearsals on 12 April, but it has received mixed reviews from enthusiasts.

It is not clear if the media day will mark the point at which the Pleasure Beach considers the ride to be fully open, and technical rehearsals have ended.

Since its re-launch earlier this month, Valhalla has typically opened for a limited period in the afternoon each day. It has seen considerable mechanical and theatrical changes.

The ride closed for “reimagining” in 2019, when “sustainability” was cited as a large reason for the works, which subsequently overran by two years.