Alton Towers: Coach House Confectionary menu

Gloomy Wood and Alton Manor

Last weekend saw a new food outlet open in the Gloomy Wood area of Alton Towers.

Coach House Confectionary stands in front of the façade of the new Curse at Alton Manor dark ride, originally the Haunted House and more recently Duel.

Serving an array of what Alton Towers calls a “wicked choice of frozen delights”, the opening weekend revealed the outlet’s full menu and pricing for the first time.

There are three categories of gloomily-themed offerings: ice cream, milkshakes and cakes.

Cursed Cones

  • Green Spirit: £4.95
  • Grim Reaper: £4.95
  • Harlequin Spectres Hat: £5.95

Soft Serve Ice Cream

  • Mint Green: £3.50
  • Black Vanilla: £3.50
  • Red Strawberry: £3.50

Freak Shakes

  • Midnight Forest: £6.95
  • Red Mist: £6.95
  • Cookies & Scream: £6.95
  • Buried Alive: £6.95


  • Coach House Cupcakes: £3.95
  • Black Web Cake Slice: £4.50
  • Coach House Cookie Spookwich: £3.95

All information correct at time of publication only. Check with the park for any updates.