Review: Sea Life Hunstanton

Sea Life Hunstanton aquarium centre
4 star review

On this cold early-March day, Hunstanton’s Sea Life sanctuary and aquarium centre has a modest bustle of guests.

It is still out of season for the UK’s coastal resorts, but this attraction – like the town itself – seemingly defies that as people look for a break from life.

Once inside, the displays at Hunstanton feel a little different to other Sea Lifes, they tend to be smaller and more up-close and personal.

The leaf-cutter ants are completely open, behind just a simple barrier, not glass. This makes for a striking display.

Elsewhere, the piranha tank is a little on the sparse side, but its inhabitants are more animated than the usual stationary shoals of the meat-eaters.

Sea Life Hunstanton seal feeding talk

Outside, the seal talk gives great information, but is pre-recorded as the staff member concentrates on feeding the four hungry seals present.

A small hospital section has bays where you can view infants which have been rescued by the sanctuary.

Otters were added last year in the form of Otter River. A playful pair, they circle the enclosure doing a tour of each window as if to say hi to each visitor.

Just prior to that was the penguin enclosure. The birds seem content in the cold weather, and their outdoor location feels more natural than the indoor displays at Birmingham and London.

The ocean tunnel is a familiar Sea Life finale, but once you’ve passed through, the final view of the 187,500-litre tank is akin to watching a David Attenborough programme.

It is definitely worth taking a seat and absorbing the scene for at least moment or two.