Theme parks vulnerable to public’s ‘cutbacks’

Oblivion, Alton Towers

Theme parks have been found to be among spending the public are most likely to cut back on as inflation remains high.

Research by consumer and business insight consultancy BVA BDRC indicated that “theme parks, zoos and farm attractions” are the fourth-most likely thing consumers are likely to cut back on.

Inflation – the measure at which consumer prices are rising – is about 10% in the UK, a 40-year high.

The BVA BDRC research also found that only 37% of the British public had visited the UK’s most popular tourist attraction, Alton Towers.

The findings were published in the latest edition of the Attractions Management publication.

BVA BDRC’s Jon Young said that visitor attractions should concentrate on people who had not visited theme parks, particularly a “large majority” that had not visited a tourist attraction in the past two years.

Young also said that a further area for development was communicating that an attraction was “family-friendly” where misperceptions exist to the contrary.