Pleasureland ‘doesn’t have’ Knightmare rollercoaster

Knightmare rollercoaster at Camelot

Southport Pleasureland has denied having the former Knightmare rollercoaster, despite reports of its presence at the site.

Sightings of the ride’s trains have been reported as being stored at the park, with them purportedly visible from the car parking areas.

Pleasureland responded to a Ride Rater query on Twitter over how long it would be until the rollercoaster was available to ride.

A park reply read: “You won’t be riding it at Pleasureland, we don’t have it and yet the rumours continue.”

The Schwarzkopf and Zierer-designed rollercoaster was stationed at the now defunct Camelot theme park between 2007 and 2012.

A model of the ride appeared to be unveiled by Pleasureland owner Norman Wallis in 2015, when he presented plans for the park’s expansion.

4 Comments on "Pleasureland ‘doesn’t have’ Knightmare rollercoaster"

  1. Of course they are going to deny before they make an official announcement! The trains and some track are on site at the park and will be completely refurbished near Blackpool. Southport purchased the ride for around £800,000.

  2. the loping coaster has stood there not open and the disco spine please let some els try and run the fair course this gut just ant getting it bk to what a sea side amusement park is post to be

  3. cant denie somthing when it in plane site but like most things at plesureland it will just lie there

  4. Dave Stone | 3 August 2017 at 19:16 |

    I have seen photos of it at Southport so how they can deny it I dont know. I am going to Southport on Wednesday so will be able to confirm it.

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