Enterprise ride removed from Alton Towers

Enterprise, Alton Towers

Enterprise, one of the longest-serving rides at Alton Towers, has been removed from the theme park after 38 years.

The spinning flat ride from German manufacturers Huss, has been located in the X Sector of the park since 1998, previously operating in the former Festival Park area.

It was removed earlier this season, and while it remains listed on the Alton Towers website, the park today confirmed its departure.

Responding to a guest query on Twitter, the Staffordshire theme park said the ride was “not at our resort anymore”.

Details of the ride’s ultimate fate – be that being sold, relocated or scrapped – have not been revealed.

Dating from the early 1970s, the original Huss Enterprise model has been in considerable decline in the last decade.

The Zodiac ride at Thorpe Park now remains the only permanently-placed example in the United Kingdom.