London Resort consultation: 7 things we learned

London Resort

The team behind the London Resort proposals this afternoon held their first public consultation forum.

Owing to restrictions on events in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event took place in the form of a webinar.

We learned a number of things about the long-running project.

1 – There would be connections from central London, utilising 400-capacity clipper boats along the River Thames.

2 – The intellectual property (IP) partner for the second part – or ‘gate’ – of the theme park has not yet even been considered, while the partners for the first stage are “constantly under review”.

3 – The team is “looking across the world” at rollercoaster manufacturers and concepts, in order to bring “new, bespoke and interesting” rides.

4 – £70 million has been spent on developing the concept, which includes payment to IP partners.

5 – The team said they are “very determined” to see the project through to completion, adding that it “absolutely is” going to happen.

6 – The Resort will have ‘drone-based’ fireworks displays rather than traditional pyrotechnics.

7 – Businesses whose land will need to be taken over in order for the Resort to be built will be offered up to 30% extra on top of the land value.