Valhalla: Sustainability ‘essential for ride’s future’

Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach managing director Amanda Thompson has said that sustainability is essential for the future of the Valhalla water ride.

The enclosed dark ride, which opened in 2000, has high maintenance and operation costs across the Lancashire amusement park’s 10-month season.

Playing down reports of a decision to close the ride for the 2020 season, Thompson said in a Twitter post: “Certainly nothing has been decided yet.

“We are looking at ways to reimagine the ride, but more importantly we are looking at trying to make it more sustainable.

“Sustainability is essential for the future of this ride. I can assure you Valhalla is here to stay.”


The ride uses large amounts of petroleum gas and electricity for its numerous and varied special effects.

Effects have been progressively replaced, removed or semi-retired since the ride’s opening.

In another Twitter post, Thompson said that the Pleasure Beach would try to make the ride “way better” but repeated that ways of making the ride “more sustainable” were needed.